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Efficiency Maine

Client: Efficiency Maine Business Incentive Program


Overview: While working with Efficiency Maine (EM), we have worked on numerous programs designed to make homes and businesses in Maine more energy efficient. We have designed varied materials including postcards, case studies, forms, websites/web sliders, brochures, rack cards and advertising.


  • We support EM’s Qualified Partners with materials and a dedicated website.

  • We foster interest in programs such as Maine Advanced Buildings, midstream markdowns and the new boiler initiative.

  • And we promote incentives for energy-efficient equipment and projects.


Goals:  To drive consumers/businesses to contact Efficiency Maine or a Qualified Partner to find out about incentives, measures such as ductless mini-split heat pumps and LEDs, and energy-saving programs.

Heating postcard
Classroom lighting postcard
Car dealership lighting postcard
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