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KDK Consulting believes that you should get only what you need to successfully market your business, and nothing that you don't need. Sure, that goes against the way that "full-service" ad agencies have been doing it since the early days, but you can opt out of that game.

How We Do It...

Why Strategy Matters in Marketing

What sets us apart is not just our ability and experience, but also our commitment to strategy. Lots of design/marketing firms can make beautiful materials and produce compelling spots. But it’s not just about pretty pieces. It’s about effective communications – the ability to package and deliver a message to a specific target audience in a way that motivates them to take action. Our team understands that the right strategy behind the message is what ultimately drives the success or failure of any given marketing activity.


Why Our Approach is Better

Our approach to any marketing project starts with asking questions: Who is the audience? What is the objective? What action do you want the audience to take? We are research geeks. When appropriate, we will conduct focus groups, web usage studies, online surveys and other analytic tools to make sure you are setting measurable objectives. Then as we begin the concepting process, we ask ourselves: What problem will this information solve? What will motivate the audience to act? How will we measure our success – both in process measures along the way and in outcome measures?


What You Won’t Get . . . and What You Will Get

You won’t find order-takers, nay-sayers or non-responsive customer service. What you will find is a sharp, inquisitive team of professionals ready to work with you as a team to ensure the final product is on-target, on-budget and effective. If you ask for a red brochure, we’ll ask “why red?” and probe further into what makes the best sense for maintaining brand integrity and getting the response you are looking for from your audience. If you have a great idea, we’ll work with you to make it sing and dance. And, you will not find a firm that follows up, follows through or turns a project around any faster that us!


For broadcast media buys, we look at audience reach and frequency numbers and a post-buy analysis, as well as cost per thousand (CPT) reached to help determine effectiveness. In addition, for some campaigns, we may feature specialized URLs or other “entry” opportunities.


For print advertising, we look at circulation figures to determine overall reach. We will include URLs for micro-sites where appropriate to track which ads generate the most visits to your website.

Measures in public relations will also use audience reach via circulation and readership numbers. Other useful forms of measurement for PR include, clip volume (by topic or campaign) and clip ratings (positive, negative or neutral) for individual stories.


For online advertising and other vehicles directing readers/viewers to your website, KDK will assist Clients in interpreting site usage data collected by Google Analytics. Additionally, KDK can further leverage Google Analytics capabilities to track campaign successes by setting up qualifying goals and tracking conversion rates.


Information compiled through these methods provides feedback on any problems with internal and external environments. On the web, we can look at a variety of measures and trends – not only “hits” but also pages visited, how long visitors stay on a particular page and sign-ups for e-newsletters and other offers. We also track website goal conversions to gauge the popularity of certain campaigns. All of these tools report if the integrated marketing strategy is attaining or exceeding projected goals. As we compile all of this data it will help us refine future marketing outreach based on consumer trends, behaviors and sentiments.


A strict adherence to evaluating and tracking our marketing activities allows us to switch gears and shift dollars at any time, should we determine that certain activities are not effective.

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